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Top 3 things to consider before buying home essentials

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What are the first few things  I  thought of while entering our new house or try to renovate it later. Some of the things that I was concerned about and wanted to make sure I was on the right side of things were the drapes, furniture, upholstery, decor, kitchen essentials …..and then the list just went on and on…

To my surprise…There is no dearth of availability of what I was looking for on all products.

 What amused me was the fact that how do I choose what is right for me. So I just jotted down the requirements one by one in the first place. While choosing what was right for me, I realized that there are different dimensions of a choice. Keeping in mind the fact that my choice has to be kids friendly, senior citizen friendly and pregnant me friendly J( I was one those days) !!!

Let us now get to the top 3 things to consider while buying home essentials (I decided to go eco- friendly with all my choices)

  1. Technical reqirements – The following points are different for each of us and we must consider the following technicalities before making a choice for our home:
  • Locations
  • Budget
  •  Space availability
  • Number of members in the family
  • Habits, Age and Physical abilities of each member.
  • Our comfort levels doing certain activities or chores in the house etc.
  • Pet friendliness ( for the ones who have them in the family)
  • Neighborhood requirements

 All these factors are to be somewhere playing in our minds before we decide on anything for  homes. These factors will control the materials you will use, The design part of it and how much of your total budget should go for each choice you make.

 For example, A family with infants or babies needs to be doubly sure of specific health requirements like allergies, water sources, fire hazards etc. The families where kids have grown up or are “couple only”, can be little relaxed about considering these issues.

Since at the time of moving in I had a six year old and was myself carrying my girl, these were major factors that clouded my mind while making a choice.

2. Aesthetic Looks

Take a consideration to the following things to make your space look aesthetically good.

  • Dimention of your space
  • Shape of the space
  • Brightness / Natural light available
  • Functionality of your furnitures
  • Wall/ceiling colour
  • Age and requirements of your family members
  • The material your flooring is made of
  • If you need storage space in a particular space( This often decides the design of your immovable furnitures)
  • Your taste – Do you like grandeur, traditional, contemporary, minimalist or fusion
  • Do you want a theme for your space
  • Your color preferences – Do you like it even tone or splash of colours
  • The ratio of open space vs done up space – your preference

In my opinion it helps our job easier if we keep in mind these requirements while pondering on the beautification of any space. Many of these points are inter related and will help you decide the others.

For example, if you give a thought to your “taste”, and conclude that you like grandeur, you will exactly know what kind of upholstery and furnitures will make you happy! Whereas if you are a minimalist, you will need another kind of upholstery and furnitures and you would also like to keep a good part of your space empty.

3. Health Affects – The most important factors to have a home that supports HEALTHY living. Keep in mind the following to make sure this happens.

  • Age and condition of the family members
  • Allergies and if undergoing any kind of treatment
  • If we have pets in the house
  • If we are OK to  dispose of all plastic items and replace with the eco friendly ones
  • Our drapes, curtains, carpets, upholstery used needs to be made from sustainable natural fabric even if it needs little higher budget – trust me it is worth the spend. Will definitely save few visits to the doc.
  • The kitchen essentials we have should support our health too. It is not only the food but the quality, technique of cooking, the vessels we use for cooking and storage that determine our health to a great extent.
  • Making sure we have a layout that maximizes the natural sunlight inside the house.
  • What kind of waste segregation method we will use in the house. This determines the sanitation part in the house to an extent.
  • Do we go for Composting?(Easy and I highly recommend this) It just needs a change in some of our basic habits.
  • Using natural and non-toxic pest control methods.

This list is something I created on my own journey and this list helps with having a greener home which is sustainable and more eco-friendly.  Trust me you can save lots of money as you go along.

As I mentioned the effort that’s needed is more on a psychological level to change some of our age old habits. Once that is fixed there is nothing that stops us from having a space that’s easier to get us closer to nature in our own spaces. Small changes go a long way. So Happy Home making and healthy living!!


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